A LoadCentral Retailer is a 1-stop e-load retailer business that can sell wide range of prepaid products (regular mobile eload like Globe load, Smart prepaid load, Sun load, Talk ‘N Text load, Touch Mobile load, prepaid load, prepaid call cards, prepaid internet cards, online gaming credits, cable subscription, prepaid electricity, etc.) without having any sort of prepaid card inventory. Retailers can sell prepaid airtime credits through a mobile phone using SMS keyword or through a computer / ipad / tablets / smartphones with an internet connection. The Retailer earns from the discounts he would get from his sales. The more load products he sells, the more earnings he gets. If you are looking for a profitable e-loading business then this is the right business for you.


  • Php100 Retailer registration fee
  • any active SIM card (prepaid, postpaid, roaming) that is not yet registered in the loadcentral system
  • fully accomplished registration form: Full name, address, ID, and email


  1. We do not sell Globe or Smart Retailer sim cards. Any valid cellphone number can be registered as a Retailer SIM. Only provide a number that was not yet registered as retailer or dealer before. A sim card can only be registered in the LoadCentral system once.
  2. Provide a valid email address. Payment options and additional information will be sent to the email address you provided during registration. In case you do not see our e-mail in your inbox folder, please check your spam/junk folder.
  3. Your application will be processed as soon as payment is received and verified.
  4. Spoon-feeding is not included in the registration fee.
  5. You will receive a notification message on your registered SIM once your application is processed.
  6. Newly registered Retailer needs to change the default FL (First Level) and SL (Second Level) passwords before 12 midnight Manila time. For security purposes, LoadCentral automatically locks all newly registered accounts that have not yet changed their default passwords. FL and SL passwords should not be the same.
  7. An initial loadwallet of Php100 should be credited within 5 days after retailer SIM is activated to avoid Retailer account being locked.


  1. Read requirements and reminders
  2. Fill up Retailer registration form <= next step
  3. Check email for payment options
  4. Send payment for Php100 Retailer registration fee
  5. Send verification request for payment made
  6. Wait for notification message on registered SIM and welcome email

If you think that being a Retailer with no store or computer shop is useless, you’re wrong because you can also use it to load yourself or to your family and friends. It is very convenient as well. No need to go out of the house and look for a loading station. This is really helpful especially during emergencies.

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Are you ready to sell all kinds of epins and eload products? Use the form below to register as a LoadCentral Retailer. Don’t forget to check your email for additional details and instructions. Please check your SPAM and junk folders in case our email does not appear in your inbox.

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    Note: Please check your Spam or Junk folder in case you do not see our email in your Inbox folder. Our email address contact@loadcentral.info might be falsely tagged as spam!