A LoadCentral SubDealer registers Retailers, replenishes their walletload accounts, monitors sales levels of retailers and assists them when they encounter LoadCentral related problems. He will receive an overriding commission known as the Gross-Retailer-Override (GRO) of up to 5% earnings for every sale his Retailers make. This amount is added into the SubDealer’s walletload account in real time. As long as his Retailers are selling prepaid products to customers, the SubDealer will receive a corresponding commission. The more active Retailers the SubDealer has the bigger his earnings will be.


  • Php1000 SubDealer registration fee
  • any active SIM card (prepaid, postpaid, roaming) that is not yet registered in the loadcentral system
  • fully accomplished registration form: Full name, address, ID, and email


  1. The Php1000 fee includes:
    • lifetime SubDealer account
    • business kit (banner, brochure, manuals, etc) – can be picked up for free OR shipped to you for Php200
    • ability to register your own retailers
    • no minimum or maximum number of retailers
    • no monthly walletload replenishment quota
    • excellent support
  2. Spoon-feeding is not included in the registration fee.
  3. Your application will be processed as soon as payment is received and verified.
  4. Provide a valid email address. Payment options and additional information will be sent to the email address you provided during registration. In case you do not see our message in your Inbox folder, please check your Spam/Junk folder.
  5. You will receive a notification message on your registered SIM once your application is processed. We will also email the details of your SubDealer account and additional resources that you can read to familiarize yourself with the LoadCentral system.
  6. Newly registered SubDealer needs to change the default FL (First Level) and SL (Second Level) passwords before 12 midnight Manila time. For security purposes, LoadCentral automatically locks all newly registered accounts that have not yet changed their default passwords. FL and SL passwords should not be the same.
  7. After your application is processed and you want to sell load, you need to activate your own Retailer account and use it to sell load products. SubDealer account cannot sell load.
  8. If you have an existing Retailer account, you can move it to your SubDealer account later on.


  1. Read requirements and reminders
  2. Fill up SubDealer registration form <= next step
  3. Check email for payment options
  4. Send payment for Php1000 SubDealer registration fee
  5. Send verification request for payment made
  6. Wait for notification message on registered SIM and welcome email

>>> Click here to register as a SubDealer <<<