Why join LoadCentral?

  1. Pioneer in the industry
  2. 1 sim can load all networks – You can sell load for all networks by just registering 1 sim
  3. Wide range of products to sell – Your fund is not tied up to a single product
  4. Maximize profit by having fast moving inventory – Your walletload can be used to sell over 350 load products from epins (prepaid card, gaming cards, cable subscriptions, etc) to eload (Globe load, Touch Mobile load, Smart load, Talk ‘N Text load, Sun load)
  5. Can sell load from a phone or computer
  6. Generate reports conveniently using the webtool (web-based application)
  7. Load Wallet has NO EXPIRATION
  8. No need for a large capital
  9. No monthly quota
  10. Competitive discount rates
  11. Excellent support

What is a LoadCentral Retailer?

A LoadCentral Retailer is a 1-stop reloading station that can sell wide range of prepaid products (e-load, prepaid load, prepaid call cards, prepaid internet cards, online gaming cards, etc.) without having any sort of prepaid card inventory. Retailers can sell prepaid airtime credits through a mobile phone using SMS keyword or through a computer / ipad / tablets / smartphones with an internet connection. The Retailer earns from the discounts he would get from his sales. The more load products he sells, the more earnings he gets.

What is a LoadCentral SubDealer?

A LoadCentral SubDealer registers Retailers, replenishes their walletload accounts, monitors sales levels of retailers and assists them when they encounter LoadCentral related problems. He will receive an overriding commission known as the Gross-Retailer-Override (GRO) of up to 5% earnings for every sale his Retailers make. This amount is added into the SubDealer’s walletload account in real time. As long as his Retailers are selling prepaid products to customers, the SubDealer will receive a corresponding commission. The more active Retailers the SubDealer has the bigger his earnings will be.

Which is better: Retailer or SubDealer?

It really depends on what you plan to do. If you only want to sell load products and earn from it, you can be a Retailer. But if you are want to increase your potential income, then it is better to be a SubDealer because you don’t just earn from the load that you sell but also get commission from your own group of Retailers. Take note that a SubDealer can register his own self as a retailer then use it to sell load. This doubles his potential income.

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